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How does Vis.Comm work?

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

In a previous post I began by suggesting that video is taking over the world and the internet.

Actually, not only is understanding why relatively simple, but that success is based on the same things that we do in everyday life.

These techniques can be used in many more ways than just video.

So HOW do you use these tools? Why are they effective?

Well some of it comes down to body language. So much of the way we communicate is physical and when you can watch a person speak, you receive much more than just the tone or sound of their voice. If you minimise communication down to just reading the text on the page, you will not gather the tone-of-voice effectively, nor clearly pick up on things like sarcasm, or jokes.

Ever wonder why emojis and 'haha' / LOL / JK and the like came into our communication? It was brought into written communication to enable a clearer expression of emotion.

If I write "... so that's why the farmer can never wear Wellies again!"

You have no idea whether that is a horror story, a documentary version of events or a joke. If I write "... so that's why the farmer can never wear Wellies again!" :) Haha You know that regardless of whether you found it funny, I am intending to convey a punchline. Vis.Comm tools like video make all that much easier to navigate. You can see the speaker and read all the visual cues as well as hear their tone, and in some videos even read text on screen also.

This is why the person narrating, being interviewed, or guiding the video experience MUST be a dynamic communicator (To be clear I am thinking of specific types of video that are primarily intended to convey information). It's no shock to understand that if someone is not engaging in their personal communication, they are likely to be portrayed in a similar, if not worse way, through video.

There are tips, tricks and even training courses for getting better at this if you need to, but the principle is important.

More on Vis.Comm, creativity and life soon.



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